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Vegan. Vegan. Vegan!

100% Vegan

All Crack Hair Fix products are 100% Vegan, contain no parabens or sulfates and are cruelty free.  The Ultimate Support Group provides your hair with the protection and management it needs throughout your busy week.  Dependable and hard working – they are all gentle enough for a Daily Dose!



7 thoughts on “Vegan. Vegan. Vegan!

  1. Hi I was wondering if your product is gluten free

    1. Hi Shannon. Great question. Just getting confirmation on that and will have an answer for you asap!

    2. Hi Shannon. We’re pleased to confirm that our products are gluten free.

  2. The website says wheat leave in conditioner and wheat a few times. But I just saw the comment about these producta being gluten free. Are you for sure they are gluten free products? I have celiac disease but want to try these products. I have to have really gluten free products. But I need frizz control in Missouri heat. Thabks so much.

    1. Hi Shannon. The wheat protein does NOT contain any gluten. The gluten is removed during processing of the protein. Thanks so much for contacting us about our frizz fighting products!!!!

  3. Is the Crack product sold in large retail chains (ie Target) the same product as the Crack products sold in salons?

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for your inquiry. We do not sell to Target, so we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the Crack products sold there. Our distribution is in the professional market- wholesale distributors to Salons.
      The Crack Team

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